Cancelling an Order

You can cancel your order (or any partial items within an order) at any time before the items are shipped. If the entire order is being cancelled, then a full refund will be made. In cases where only some items within an order are being cancelled, you will be refunded the price of the cancelled items, less the postage cost for the order.

In case of partial cancellation of an order, the following postage charge policy will apply: If the order previously qualified for free shipping and after cancellation of any item(s), the order still qualifies for free shipping, then no postage charges will be applied. However, after cancellation of any item(s), if the order no longer qualifies for free shipping, then the applicable postage cost will be charged on the remainder of the order.

If your item/order has already shipped, you can then return your item/order and avail a refund. Please see the section titled Returns & Exchanges for more information.